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In Memory of Kelly Corbly

January 20, 2000 - November 16, 2005

Thank you for visiting Kelly Corbly's web site. She eternally touched the lives of her friends and family both while she lived, as she lay dying, and after she died.

Kelly suffered a massive brain hemorrhage shortly after she went to sleep for the evening on Thursday, November 10, 2005. She showed no obvious symptoms prior to this, but the doctors later determined that she was born with an arteriovenous malformation. She was flown from the emergency room of Norman Regional Hospital to Childrens Hospital in Dallas and was successfully operated on to remove a massive blood clot. The swelling of her brain increased, however, and by 5am the morning of Saturday, November 12 she was brain-dead and her spirit had left her body. She lingered on life support until the early morning hours of November 16, 2005, when she officially died. A celebration of Kelly's life was held at Wildwood Community Church on Saturday, November 19. Havenbrook Funeral Home handled funeral arrangements and she is buried at Warren Cemetery in Norman, Oklahoma.

Others live on because Kelly was an organ donor. Here's a picture of Joshua, a 2 1/2 year-old boy who received her heart.

Joshua after heart transplant

Joshua died on April 2, 2006. Although he only lived four months after the transplant of Kelly's heart, those four extra months were precious to his family, enabling him to see another Christmas, and make it to his third birthday.

Kelly's liver saved the life of a 5-year-old girl in Nebraska who only had 10 hours left to live. Her kidneys extended the lives of two people in Texas, and her corneas enabled two ladies from Texas to see again. Organ donation is life-giving not just to the recipients--knowing that good can come from the loss of a loved one provides incredible strength and hope to donor families as well. Southwest Transplant Alliance of Dallas lovingly coordinated the donation of Kelly's organs.

Kelly's sudden illness and death were the hardest and yet most beautiful time ever experienced by her parents, David and Ann Corbly, and their children. We'll be sharing more stories about this time and about Kelly's life on this web site in the future, so be sure to check back.

Kelly loved puppies, especially Golden Retrievers, so if you would like to do something financially in her memory, please consider giving to a Golden Retriever rescue organization in your location. In the Oklahoma City area, the family suggests Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue, P.O. Box 57139, Oklahoma City, OK, 73157-7139.

If Kelly ever touched your life, please share your thoughts in an email to the family.

Kelly in black shirt with cross